Audience Participation Is Not Necessary

It’s not about me, but on my “About Me” page on this site, I wrote:

My prayer for each of you who choose to subscribe to my blog is that you will be inspired and encouraged by the testimonies and stories that I share. My favorite scripture is Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” As I seek the Lord for guidance as to what I should share with my subscribers, I earnestly pray that you will be blessed and inspired. As Revelation 12:11 says, we are overcomers by the words of our testimonies.

So it’s really not about me… LOL!

What I mean is this website is not “about” me. Of course I share my thoughts and testimonies because I know them better than anyone. But when I started blogging, I really thought it would be more interactive. I thought some of you would share your testimonies too. After all, this is the “Living Inside The Testimony” blog site where I tell people that I’m a nurse by profession, author by passion, and storyteller by the grace of God. On here, we all live inside testimonies meant to be shared to help inspire and encourage others. Yet I was looking for audience participation, subject ideas, and lots and lots of comments. The reality that I have discovered is that it’s up to me to share and motivate you. As an author, I’ve learned it can be a quiet and lonesome journey because unless you sell a million copies of your books, you never really know if anyone is reading them or not.

Am I making a difference? Does anyone look forward to reading the latest blog post? Have you read any of my books? Are you being blessed or inspired? This modern age of social media, reality TV that is anything but reality, and the answer to any question right at your fingertips thanks to Google, Siri, or any other electronic personal assistant or search engine has left us bombarded and overloaded with way too much information already. However, the fact remains that I describe myself as a storyteller, and THIS blog is here to inspire and encourage you.

Welcome to my blog site where I’ve got a story to tell you!

Now I get it. I think I always did, but I guess I had to confess to all of you. This is my blog, and it’s my responsibility to be the only participant. So I will stop wondering if you’re reading or not. We are overcomers by the words of our testimonies, but maybe I need to be the first overcomer.

I certainly hope someone is reading. I certainly hope I have inspired someone. As I read through some of my previous posts, I encouraged myself! I wondered where I found the words to write what I did, but of course they must have been divinely inspired by the Lord. Some of the stories feel as if I’m reading them for the very first time, and guess what, I impressed myself. Yes, I really did. That was really all the reassurance I needed that this blog is not falling on deaf ears. I hear me. I hope you do too!

10 thoughts on “Audience Participation Is Not Necessary

  1. Betty, I read you book SHOWgrins when I was first diagnosed. I read that one of the women had passed. So sorry to hear that. Please keep up the good work. I am sure she loved you for who you are. Very inspiring you are. -LNS

    • Thanks for those beautiful words. To know that you chose to read my book when you were first diagnosed means more than you will ever know. There are so many other books you could have chosen, but the fact that you chose mine as one of them means so much. I hope the Fab Five inspired you to live life to the fullest despite having Sjogren’s. They inspired me even though I did not have Sjogren’s, but a couple of years after the book was published, I found out that I really do have it after all. Just as they have all learned to live well even with an incurable disease is a testimony all by itself. Losing one of them was devastating for me, but Judy taught me so many life lessons in the few short years that I knew her. I am honored to have been able to share her story which lives on through the book, and I am so thankful that you took the time to let me know you are still here, and you can hear me!

    • Oh how I love that you used the word “obedient” because that is truly what motivates me to keep writing. Only by the grace of God did I discover the storyteller inside me.

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